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Dec 18

Daily Pics: Big Heart

by in Europe

The four of us grew up in the same household, yet our personalities and characteristics are so very different. With time management, organization, neatness and planning we are all at opposite ends of the spectrum. But underneath it all our values are similar. It may not always appear that way, as we each have different methods of communication, but it is comforting to know that we share memories, history and in things that cannot be defined by words. Thank for for reminding me Schoosching. 


Baby eating smokes salmon

Expensive taste


Baby eating purple bath duck

He likes duck too


Dad and baby on sofa

Daddy’s little boy


Packet of Kleenex tissues

Had enough of the sniffles. Thank you Mah Mah for these lovely soft tissues


Woman with robin Christmas cake

Who can resist?


Gingerbread man with his head broken off

Off with his head


Cupcake with Christmas tree frosting

How do you eat your cupcake?


Milk heart chocolates

Big hearts all round 


Sisters hugging farewell

So wonderful to be with my beautiful sister. See you soon


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