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Dec 17

Daily Pics: A Hunka Hunka Burning Love

by in Europe

Aunty Schoosching is getting the full Baby Boy O experience. Nothing spared. Morning food fest, baby Elvis dancing antics, story time at the library, afternoon grumps, bath time and bed time. I may need to check her bags before she leaves to ensure she hasn’t packed him up and stolen him. 


Baby in Elvis outfit

Who’s adorable?


Baby wearing baby outfit

Says it all!


Dancing Elvis baby

Tutti Frutti oh Rudy


Aunty and baby at story time

Such excitement! Or is that a yawn?


Baby looking at boxes of books

What a little bookworm


Baby sleeping in the stroller

Too much excitement


Fried calamari

Wagamama lunch


Baby feeding Aunty an oragami star

Feeding Aunty Schoosching an oragami star 


Baby and Aunty in bath

Having a good scrub down


Aunty getting baby ready for bed

Getting ready for bed time. Good night sweet Elvis


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