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Dec 16

Daily Pics: 1000 Kisses Under the Mistletoe

by in Europe

Feeling completely zonked after a big day out in London with Baby Boy O and Schoosching. We ate our way through Borough Market and even participated in an attempt to break the world record for kissing under the mistletoe. We walked along the Thames in a historical join-the-dots, passing the site of the Globe Theatre, Millenium Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, seeing Tower Bridge, the OXO Tower, London Eye, Big Ben in the distance, Trafalgar Square and more. London was buzzing with energy. Such a wonderful day out with my kissable son and lovely sister, then came home to another delicious dinner and carol singers at the front door. Magic moments.  


Grandparents and baby looking at Christmas decorations

Morning surprise – tree all trimmed and decorations up


Baby grabbing at Christmas decoration

It didn’t take long!


Woman giving baby food at breakfast

Breakfast yum


Mum and baby with train tickets stuck to forehead

First train ride into London


The shard

The Shard at London Bridge tube station


Aunty carrying baby

Suiting up and getting warm


Camera crews at Borough market

Got to Borough Market just in time for a world record attempt


Looking up at Borough Market

Look up!





Mum kissing baby under mistletoe

Smooches for Baby Boy O


Man making Thai coconut pancakes

Worked up an appetite


Aunty and baby waiting for pad Thai

Smells so good, tastes even better


Steak pie and sweet potato fries

Next course, of course!


Hot chocolate in a cup with a heart

Getting out of the cold for a hot chocolate break 


Barrels of cheese

Stinky cheese shop


Fresh produce at borough market

One of the most beautiful fresh produce markets in the world


Boxes of red and green apples



Burger stand at borough market

Feast for the senses, spoilt for choice – Wangus for when you are hangry


Homemade fudge

Yummy, Yah Yah’s favorite


Sisters at borough market

Going crazy with #BoroughMarket1000 


Aunty and baby walking streets of London

Making our way across London in search of an Apple store


London street art

Street art


St Paul's Cathedral

The path to religion


Looking over the Thames at Tower Bridge

Crown jewels in the distance


London tube map

iPhone nearly out of juice. Using old school navigation


View of oxo tower from the Thames

Walking along the Thames


Walking along the Thames

Aunty Schoosching taking Baby Boy O for a dusk stroll


London eye and sphinx

An eye for a Sphinx


Trafalgar Square and double decker busses

Trafalgar Square and double decker busses. How picture perfect!


Apple pie

Welcomed home with a lovely hot meal and apple pie


Watching Christmas carolers

Finishing off the night with a musical ensemble by Christmas carolers


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