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Dec 06

Daily Pics: Meeting Half Way

by in Europe

We continue our tour with our little prized vegetable (as English hubby calls him), visiting friends and family from all over. This time over a lovely long lunch in Cambridge with the NeoNatal Dorling family and a surprise and wonderfully welcome drop in from the Lovely Anita. We gossiped until the sun set and drove home under a big round moon. 


Baby and grandma having serious chat

Having a very serious chat with Mah Mah


Sevenoaks church

A crisp morning walk into town


Baby in snow suit and wooly hat

Started off bundled up like this…


Baby in snow suit with wooly hat covering eyes

…and ended up like this


Baby with woman at restaurant

Cuddles with the Lovely Anita, and catching up on all the gossip


Two men in a restaurant

Not much has changed between old school friends, except the hair 


Baby and girl in restaurant

Cuddles with Sweet Fiona


Thai curry chips and coconut water

Coming home to thoughtful treats. Mah Mah is looking after us so well!


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