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Dec 05

Daily Pics: Life

by in Europe, Everyday Journeys

It’s worth contemplating how you measure a life well lived. It’s not the material possessions accumulated, that often we hold so tightly to. Having things may make you more comfortable but not necessarily bring true and lasting happiness. Perhaps it is the connections made with family, friends and perfect strangers. The invisible ties that bond humanity together. From chance meetings with Roger Doger in the local pub, to life long relationships. Today we visited dear ones who are are exemplar of those bonds. Beacons who shine, for one day if we are lucky enough, we will each be walking these paths with grace.


Man and baby

A welcoming cuddle from Dear John


Visit to the nursing home

Our beautiful Tea Lady


Baby touching lady


Baby eating pate and crackers

Pate and crackers for lunch at the pub


Visit with great great aunt pat

Working his charm on Great Great Aunt Pat


Baby with camp Charlotte

The lovely Camp Charlotte – she would have kept him if she could!



Tea, cakes and biscuits


Smiling great great aunt

Always smiling, and so infectious


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