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Dec 12

Daily Pics: Have Wooden Spoon Will Travel

by in Everyday Journeys

It’s true what they say about kids and their toys. Forget the expensive stuff. Bring on the wrapping paper, cardboard boxes and wooden spoons. Thankfully Aunty Ali had an abundance of spoons we could take with us on our walk along the Thames. We had a lovely day exploring the neighborhood, walking along little side streets and imagining how this part of London would have looked, felt and smelt (not great I suspect) a hundred years ago. One thing I love about London is that people take pride in preservation. From the grand buildings to the little delectable gastropubs, they are all refurbished so very tastefully. 


Baby in stroller with wooden spoon

Taking his wooden spoon out for a walk


The Thames river at low tide

So much history the Thames must have seen with every rise and fall of the tide


Red telephone box

Do these still work?


Grand gates of Kew Gardens

Grand gates of Kew Gardens


Baby on grey carpet with wooden spoon

Study of a wooden spoon in grey


Christmas craft project

Afternoon Christmas craft project


Woman and baby playing musical spoons

Musical spoons


Woman and baby playing with wooden spoons

Spoons gone wild


Dinner at the city barge

Out to dinner at The City Barge with Aunty Ali and Cousin Kim


Fat hot chips

Scrumptious food. It was a toss up between the aged steak and soft shell crab brioche


Foxs party rings

This country is marvelous!


Flaky pastry biscuits and cup of tea

An English nightcap


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