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Dec 11

Daily Pics: British Food Fest

by in Everyday Journeys

England has changed in lots of different ways. According to English Hubby, everything has shrunk to a toy land size. Perhaps it is the stark difference between driving a 32 foot RV through Texas, the land of the big, then inching our way through the streets of London in a Honda Civic. One thing is for sure, the British sure can do a mean curry and a peshwari naan. 


Baby holding a bottle

Baby Boy O finally got the hang of drinking from a bottle


Baby in high chair eating watermelon

First course watermelon. Thank you Tesco for cut up finger fruit


Baby eating apricot in high chair

Second course squishy apricot


Baby with chocolate mouse on mouth

Dessert course is chocolate mouse


Baby in diaper

Next comes the hose down


Woman with baby sitting on couch

Then off to Aunty Ali’s and dinner with Daniel-San


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