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Nov 09

Daily Pics: The Sugar Palace

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Ankles were quite the thing back in the day. Seeing them on a lady meant one of two things – a pistol duel at dawn, or marriage. So walking up stairs was a logistical nightmare. Men had to head up first or be trusted to avert their eyes honorably. How the last couple of hundred years has changed our ideas of modesty, fashion, beauty and manners. Since the days of the sugar palace (aka Houmas House) very little is off limits. Thank goodness as sandles really don’t look good with socks!

Baby sleeping in star fish position

Starfish napping


Baby in play chair with fruit

Baby led weaning fruit fest


Lilly pads

Gorgeous gardens at Houmas House


Baby in car seat smiling

The little Yankee taking it all in


Houmas house

The sugar palace


Southern belle at Houmas house

The southern belle


Houmas house dining room

Exquisite dining


Baby and grandpa sitting

Resting weary legs


Baby tickles

Belly laughs in the garden



Banks of the Mississippi once lined with plantations are now filled with industry


Man filing up at gas pump

After dinner left Baby Boy O with the grandparents and went in search of Walmart. Failed miserably.


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