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Nov 08

Daily Pics: Louisiana Plantations

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Started off the day playing with our new toys. Baby Boy O tried out his play seat and we took the Shark out for a spin. It’s probably not natural to get this excited about a vacuum cleaner, but ever since starting the road trip we had been holding down the fort with a hand held dust buster which doesn’t quite have the suction power to get between the pile. You can imagine what we managed to pick up off the carpet with my favorite new piece of equipment. 

After waging a jihad on dirt and dust we headed out to explore a few plantations. First stop was the majestic Oak Alley Plantation where we walked through reconstructed slave quarters, learned about the history of the house and the people who lived within its four walls, and indulged in a huge lunch which culminated in an almighty sugar high with the best pecan pie ever. 

Our final stop was the Laura Plantation where stories were brought to life and the creole culture shone through. Again a very checkered past with slavery, with the sugarcane plantation held firmly by a family of matriarchs. It was a hard life back then. Makes you realize we have it easy. 


Baby in SuperSeat playing

Baby Boy O having a ball in his SuperSeat


Shark vacuum cleaner

An absolute god send!


Grandma grandpa and baby sitting in front of RV

Baby sitting duty


Crawfish étouffée

Finally got to try crawfish étouffée, a Louisiana special


Oak trees

Beautiful Oak Alley Plantation, leading to the Mississippi


Oak alley plantation house

A Louisiana Taj Mahal, built for his wife (except she was still alive)


Oak alley plantation tour guide

Southern drawl


Oak alley plantation bedroom

Steeped in history and fascinating stories about the people who lived there


These beautiful plantation properties also provides the perfect backdrop to play with black and white…

Balcony at oak alley plantation

Afternoon on the balcony


Beautiful oak tree

Majestic oaks


Sugarcane burning

Billowing smoke from the sugarcane burning


Sunset at Laura Plantation

Sunset at Laura Plantation


Orange tree at Laura plantation

Orange tree from the slave quarters


Baby Boy O and dad at Laura plantation

My boys in black and white


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