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Nov 10

Daily Pics: Duck Duck Closed

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Baby Boy O had his first close encounter with feathered and webbed footed friends this morning. It’s fascinating to watch as his reaction which swung quickly from nonchalance to a ‘you’re not going to leave me with them are you’ frown. Can’t blame the poor kid. They are noisy creatures and even more so during feeding time. 

Speaking of feeding time, today’s adventure was a non starter. Lunch in the carpark of the Acadian Cultural Center was the highlight, given the museum was closed. At least lunch was good.  

Hungry ducks

A flock of hungry ducks


Worried baby

Please don’t let them eat me


Sitting around in the RV

All work and no play


RV in carpark

Having fun at the Acadian Cultural Center (carpark)


Freeway with oil refineries

Spot the oil refinery


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