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Oct 05

Daily Pics: Two Little Boys Hiking In The Woods

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Woke bright and early on a crisp autumn day, blended up some green juice, booted and suited up to go hiking in the woods. It was a divine walk along the lake in Nockomixon State Park. Two Aussies, one Brit, three Yankees, one stroller, a baby bjorn and a posh fascinator. A brilliant start to a camping tradition.


Morning buddies

Good morning buddy!


Sydney gal with fascinator

This is how we go hiking all the time


Before hiking shot

The before shot


Baby boy o in stroller

If you go into the woods today…


Beautiful state park lake

…you’ll find a big surprise..


Baby boy o in bear suit

…if you go into the woods today you won’t believe your eyes…


Hiking friends

Nice to stretch the legs


Breakfast back at the cabin

Well earned breakfast


Baby boy h eating avocado

Don’t think much about this green stuff!



Farewell campground

Baby boy o throwing up

Cry baby spewy baby


Entering Baltimore

Hello Baltimore


Baby boy o and buzz lightyear lying on a mat

Hang in’ out with Buzz Light Year


Choosing Halloween treats

The agony of choice


Cienna wine

Wine with good old friends


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