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Oct 21

Daily Pics: Ouchies

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Getting Baby Boy O’s vaccinations on the road is not as simple as it seems – calling countless pediatricians, some of whom won’t do alternative schedules, many of whom don’t use the same triple dose shot, a false start and then having to play the medical records transfer game. Still, none of that compares to the pain Baby Boy O had to endure. He was such a brave little trooper today, earning himself two Spider-Man band aids. 


Happy baby

Waking up so happy


Baby feet sticking out

Little Houdini with his feet 


Books about god

You know you’re moving closer to the Bible Belt when you see this resding material at the pediatrician.


Lexington diner storefront

Lunch after pricks and post office run 


Burger and slaw

Bourbon burger with Renada’s homemade slaw and family secret potato salad recipe


Blue grass tour bus

“House” farm tours


Horse capital of the world sign

Equine epicenter


RV servicing center

Barter – RV servicing for advertising 

Baby with Spider-man band aids on his legs

My brave little boy coming home with Spider-Man trophies



Yesterday: Bridge Day

Tomorrow: Winners!




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