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Oct 19

Daily Pics: Bridge Day

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

What would compel a sane person to attach a backpack, throw themselves off a bridge, free fall toward the ground, pull a chute and hope to god it works, then try to navigate the winds to land on a small target by a raging river? Respect to professional base jumpers. 

Funny thing is after watching a few hurl themselves over the egde for Bridge Day, you start to demand more theatrics. The daring but plain forward free fall is no longer enough. Twists, pikes, backward flips and tandem jumpers captivate. You quickly get dulled to the fact that each time they jump they are dicing with death. So blasé. More more more! 


Baby strapped to mum in a sling in an RV

My barnacle baby, strapped tight so I can get a few things done around the RV


Items in a kitchen sink

Securing the fort. Packing up the RV to move onto the next destination


RV parked up

Farewell Summerville Lake Retreat. It’s been swell


Baby giving mum a kiss

Baby Boy O has learned to kiss…actually it is more like smooch and lick


People on the bridge

Thank goodness we took a bus to Bridge Day. No parking here! 


Baby in carrier with dad

Hanging out with dad. No parachute here


New river gorge sign with zip liners

No zip-lining today


View from the bridge

Just a small drop


Baby with hoodie smiling

Don’t throw me off please!


One base jumper jumping off bridge

One base jumper


Two base jumpers jumping off a bridge

Two jumpers


Bridge jump landing spot near river

X marks the landing spot


Concession stand

Not a real Philly cheesesteak nor an Italian sausage


Fake Philly cheesesteak



Baby and mum in front of yellow school bus

Ride back to the car park. Baby Boy O’s first school bus ride


RV on road with motorcyclists following

Cruising along the Midland Trail


Golden dome of Charleston capital building

Quick stop in Charleston to drop off the grill at the UPS store


Grocery bags full of food in RV



Happy baby having diaper change

Nappy / diaper change


Welcome to Kentucky sign

Hello Kentucky


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