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Oct 03

Daily Pics: Hillbilly Hilton

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

On the whole RV parks are pretty nice, but every now and then we come across one that qualifies for hillbilly hilton status. This weekend our friends are joining us for some good old fashioned camping. Thank goodness we checked in a day ahead to do a reconnaissance of the place. We had booked them into a cabin trailer. The rental trailer smelled of putrid air freshner, covering up the wash of disinfectantant, masking the smell of stale cigarette smoke. The couch and bed were so disgusting I felt the need to take a shower after being inside.


Horrible rental trailer

Not fit for human consumption


Disgusting swimming pool



RV on the freeway

We got out of there as fast as we could!


Man at table planning trip

Finding a nicer RV park for the weekend and forward planning for our trip


Man assembling electric grill

Found a much nicer campground! Perfect place to try out our new electric grill


New electric tabletop grill

Gave up on the electric grill which kept blowing the switches. This little baby will have to do!


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