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Oct 07

Daily Pics: Frederick

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Spent the day exploring the little historic city of Frederick. A few square blocks of historic buildings, sites and civil war personalities. More interesting than I’d thought it would be was the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. It wasn’t a flashy museum as museums go, just a few rooms packed with eye opening information.

Did you know the biggest cause of death during the civil war was disease (round of the mill diarrhea and so on) caused by unsanitary conditions in the camp?! Further exacerbated by poor diet and overall health of the soldiers. When you spend over 95% of your conscripted time off the battlefield, hanging around with others waiting to head to the front line, it can be a real killer.

My favorite snippets were of the women who assumed male aliases and dressed in drag to fight in the war. Passing the not so thorough medical exam, they often refused medical attention when injured on the battlefield in order to hide their true identities. Full of historical facts, stories and gory details like descriptions and photos of battlefield amputations which were rather common, the museum is not to everyone’s taste.


Canal with walking paths

A stroll along the canal. Amsterdam it is not!


Bronze statue of children reading

Past the library


Baby eating from spoon

Playing with solids


National museum of civil war medicine sign

Worth a visit


Diorama of civil war soldiers

Wonderfully fake, a little kitsch but informative


Civil war surgery kit

Upon leaving, we heard a guy tease his squeamish mother by saying “let me buy you a bone saw as a souvenir”.


Mum kissing baby

Managed to find a delicious authentic Thai restaurant – Sumittra. Also the perfect place for pre lunch kisses


Ducks in the canal

Post lunch walk along the canal


Purple water lilies

Beauty grows from mud


Sweeties store front in Frederick

A sweet reminder


Historical church

History on the streets


Happy Halloween pumpkins in Frederick

Getting to the season


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