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Sep 20

Daily Pics: So Much Attention

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

There’s nothing like a baby’s power to turn grown adults into incomprehensible mush! Baby Boy O has been oooh’ed and aaah’ed and hugged and kissed and rocked and cuddled and sung to and played with and more.


Grandpa picking up baby from crib

Gong Gong couldn’t wait for him to wake up to play!


Baby in bed with grandparents

Lazy morning in bed


Uncle and baby head to head

Cheeky and adorable – which one is which?


Aunt and baby having photo taken

Morning paparazzi


Baby and Aunty touching fingers

Playing his new favorite game – touching worms



Belated Mooncake celebration


Baby in stroller chewing owl

Time for a walk on a beautiful Autumn day


Grandpa, me, Baby Boy O and Grandma

No words needed


Grandma pushing stroller in park

Poh Poh pushing her precious cargo


Grandma and sleeping baby in front of lake

Nap time pose


Autumnal tree

Changing of the seasons


Dim sum plates on table

Delicious dim sum lunch with extended family


Grandma, Aunty and crying baby posing for photo

Had enough! Sorry, nothing personal Aunty T


Baby in car seat smiling at dad

Next moment all smiles, then tears again – jet lag catching up


Baby sitting on grandmas lap

Poh Poh can’t get enough


Grandpa with baby on lap

After prying him away, it is Gong Gong’s turn


Grandma and baby singing karaoke

Afternoon serenade


Baby with microphone

Baby karaoke


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