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Sep 06

Daily Pics: A Day of Naps and Swimming in Toddy Pond

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

A day of glorious sunshine followed by an evening of torrential thunderstorms to wash the humidity away. Toddy Pond (all 10 miles of it) was so inviting. Being able to walk to the edge of our campsite and slide into the water was irrisistable. I managed to suck it up, overcome my fear of deep water and swim out to the pontoon for some sunbathing. Summers should be like this for everyone. Long. Lazy. Days.


Food pavilion

Delicious sausage, egg and cheese breakfast at the campground restaurant


Toddy lake with pontoons

Refreshing swim in the lake, whilst English Hubby worked


Baby with dog binky

Baby Boy O spent hours mastering his new trick that English Hubby taught him – binky in, binky out


Baby with fedora hat over face

One way to cover up


Toddy pond with a yellow pontoon

Swam all the way to the pontoon, not bad for a water novice


Dark skies at balsam cove

Skies getting ready to open up. Coincidently we were watching the movie Noah


Turkey sausage, butternut squash and green beans on a plate

All cosy, delicious and warm inside the RV


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