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Dec 23

Daily Pics: Photo Shoot

by in Europe

Photos are a way to freeze time, capturing just one moment. In an instant that moment passes and we have all changed in some minuscule way, but changed nonetheless. I love photos not because they freeze time, but because they are a reminder of a moment past. The visual stimulus can evoke strong memories, feelings, smells, thoughts, hopes, fears, ideas and more. That’s what they are. Memories. Colored by our current mood and circumstances. The stories of our lives we re-intepret in different ways with each re-reading. At the end of the day you can never really relive the same moment, which is what makes the “now” so precious. For in the time it takes to say cheese, it is gone, never to be again. 


Photographer with lights in living room

Lights, camera, action!


Man and woman on couch posing for photographs

Say cheese!


Man waving arms and woman taking photos

Things we do to make a baby smile


Family on couch with girl playing with baby

Over to City Boy Chris’ place for a curry


Kids and baby on sofa playing video games

Toys, toys…


Red Ferrari

…and more toys


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