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Nov 16

Daily Pics: See You Soon

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

We say “see you very soon” to Mah Mah and Yah Yah, bidding farewell from a Walmart carpark. We will be seeing them in a couple of weeks time, which makes these goodbyes much easier. After the airport run we scooted off to Houston to meet Finnish Gal and Handyman Dan for brunch. A lovely afternoon getting acquainted with Houston town, with our very own historical tour guide. 


Dirty RV

Caked in dirt


Baby looking at lady

First Finn he’s ever met


Walking by the river in Houston

Post brunch walk around Houston


Baby in stroller with lady looking at him

Always time for a quick cuddle


Houston by the river

Industrial meets…


Houston city from railway angle



Houston meets green belt

…meets park green belt


Little bird graffiti

With little gems for a keen eye


Canoe tree art

Is that a canoe up a tree?


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