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Nov 13

Daily Pics: Grumpy and Cold

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

When we did our road trip in 2005 we had countless days of sunshine, warm weather and only five days of rain. This time around it seems like San Antonio is intent on tipping that record on its head. Not sure if we were brave or foolish to head out in arctic conditions to dinner on the Riverwalk tonight. I can report that no one caught frostbite, but I think we were all pretty close. 


Cleaning up puke on the duvet

Puke is never a good way to start the day


Baby on okay mat crying

Our little slug baby refusing to do tummy time


Baby being held by grandpa

Much happier when he is being held…


Baby with grandparents at whataburger

..and held…whatababy at whataburger


RV rest stop

Roadside nap


Father eating dessert

Like father…


Man eating dessert

…like son


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