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Nov 01

Daily Pics: From Walmart to Whole Foods

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Access to healthy food choices is so important to overall health. It’s fascinating to see how variety differs significantly as we drive through towns in America. On the whole, access to fresh produce has improved since we did our last road trip in 2005. It is nice to see Walmart stock more organic products and a decent selection fresh produce.

I am so very thankful that the diet we grew up with was one that was balanced and healthy. Junk food was rare, water was the main drink in the house and processed foods were occasional. I am soberly reminded every now and then that not everybody had the same privilege. This morning we did a quick top up shop in Walmart. As we were checking out the slightly older cashier asked me what vegetable this was? I replied broccoli!

Contrast that to the Wholefoods in Jackson Mississippi. We happen to stumble across an on store chili competition. Ten delicious chillies made with all sorts of ingredients like shrimp, andoullie sausage, truffles, white beans, polenta and more. All competing for taste buds. We happily obliged.

Disgusting pink punch drink at Walmart

Not sure anything this color should ever be ingested


Jar of pickled pigs feet

We’re in the south now


Whole foods chili cook off

A great idea by English Hubby to stop at Whole Foods for lunch


Small sampling cups of chili

So many delicious choices


Baby eating chili

Even Baby Boy O got in on the action!


Empty chili cartons

Chili magic act…we made it all disappear 


Cup that reads a good day to have a holiday

A nice reminder that right now we are on holiday everyday!


Welcome to Louisiana sign

Moving from Mississippi to Louisiana


Sunset over the swamp

Sunset over the swamp


Moon rising

Blue moon over the bayou


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