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Nov 15

Daily Pics: Buc-ees and Popeyes

by in America, Everyday Journeys, US Road Trip 2014

And so continues our crazy manic round trip to San Antonio and back to Houston. A day of driving and high fructose corn syrup excitement with a pull over in the rain stop at Buc-ees. This little beaver has been taunting us for miles, inviting us to stop in. Only Texas can come up with something this cheesy, so we curbed and spent some money on sugary fake food. If the glycemic index hadn’t already shot through the roof, we would send it sky high by finishing the day with an infamous Popeyes fried chicken with all the trimmings dinner. Heaven have mercy on our waistlines. 


Baby and dad cheek to cheek

Y’all have a great morning


Morning cuddles with grandparents

More morning cuddles


Man eating campground breakfast

Campground breakfast on classy foam plates


Baby smiling wearing winter hat

Still a barrel of sunshine even though it is wet and yucky out


RV at Buc-ees

Buc-ees, Buc-ees, Buc-ees. We wanna stop at Buc-ees


Man and baby at buc-ees

No turning back now!


Dad with cowboy hat and baby with Texas hat

Only in Texas


Aisles in Buc-ees

Aisles and aisles of crap


Beaver nuggets

Beaver poop


Popeyes chicken

Fried chicken heaven


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