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Oct 30

Daily Pics: The Farm

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

Ever since watching the documentary “The Business of Being Born” I’ve been enamoured with the idea of The Farm. The commune that was established back in the flower power era was, at one brief point, on the list of potential places to give birth. In my mind’s eye we would make the 1,000 mile pilgrimage from New York City to Summertown Tennessee a month before Baby Boy O’s arrival date, arriving joyous, round bellied and greeted by mystical midwives who would sprinkle rose petals as I walked along the path to motherhood. 

Today’s lesson is two fold: firstly, the dream can differ significantly from reality, nevertheless the dream makes you recognize the elements that personally ring true, like the desire to be closer to nature and the belief in the human body to do what needs to be done. Secondly, is that even I have limits to the level of ‘granola-crunchiness-walk-on-a-rainbow-flower-power-patchouli-incense-chanting-and-drumming-earthiness’ I can take without wanting to jump in my petroleum burning vehicle and order a non-vegan burger.

All that being said, I have deep respect for the philosophy and conviction that seeded and grew The Farm to what it still is today. 


RV on road with 11 ft bridge

Break on through to the other side, conquering yesterday’s predicament


Sign for the farm

Pilgrimage to The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee


Visitors center at the farm

Finally made it


Door of the visitors center with visiting times

Open 9 to 5…not. Thankfully there were instructions for a self guided tour


Philosophy of the farm

The philosophy and conviction I deeply admire


Man holding baby in store

Dined on vegan fare at The Farm Store


Yellow school bus in disrepair

Legend has it that an old school bus with seats removed and cushions on the floor was a the original midwifery center where babies were guided into this world


Barrel with bicycle

Pang of guilt when I mentally calculated how many gallons of gas we’ve used on this road trip


Gates leading to organic garden

It may have been organic, but it wasn’t much of a garden


Eco house with grass roof

Experiments in alternative ecologically friendly housing



Sustainability is key


Eco house with black panels

In harmony with the land


People in front of Eco house with one man drumming

Accidentally intruding on a meditative drumming session


Pumpkins and fungus

Pumpkin power


RV on the Natchez trace

Back on the road again in our tiny house on wheels – perhaps even in our gas guzzling vehicle we have a smaller carbon footprint than the average person?


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