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Oct 13

Daily Pics: In Search of Wifi

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

The person who said plans never go to plan is totally right. The campground we picked was in the middle of a communications dead zone – crappy cell signal and snail paced wifi. Great for tuning out, but horrible for a work day where English Hubby was planning to make calls and I was planning to respond to emails, research flights and catch up on blogging. We hotfooted it out of dodge and ended up an hour and a half further west. At the end of an impromptu transit day, I’m thankful for so many things, not least of all for fast wifi. 


Baby with plate of food and pear in mouth

Tasting menu – cucumber, pear and carrot


Dad and baby with baked bean surprise

Baked bean surprise comfort food

River view

Picturesque campground if you ignore the fact that it is wedged between a scenic byway and train tracks


RV on a highway

Getting outta there and heading to the land of wifi


Indoor grilling of vegetables

Indoor grilling since the winds have picked up. There’s talk of tornados in Kentucky!


Steaks on an indoor grill

Thankful for Walmart where we bought this hardworking little grill


Steak and grill vegetable dinner

Dinner fit for kings and queens


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