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Aug 24

Daily Pics: Treehouse Fun

by in America, US Road Trip 2014

A lovely stay with Boston N + K where we boondocked in their driveway. They had family visiting from abroad, and we found ourselves in a household with three little ones, all under the age of two. Picked up lots of parenting tips for times to come and also got put to work on a treehouse construction project.


Big lake

A morning walk around the big lake


Muffins in trays

Rewarded by a morning muffin treat


Three men standing around a treehouse

Put to work after a delicious egg and bacon fry up


Three men tilting a treehouse

Some deliberation, then action


Four people moving a big treehouse

Things started rolling when Boston K got in on the action


Three men around a treehouse with a dolly in the foreground

Getting it in place for Sweet Little L


Four adults and one baby on a treehouse celebrating

Declaration of victory…but wait, where’s the roof?!


Little girl taking a sandpit

Sweet Little L helping with sandpit construction


Baby in a stroller with little girl in a sun hat

Baby Boy O makes a new friend…


Baby with big stuffed toy dog

…and another one that’s big and squishy


Baby sleeping

Downtime after too much excitement


New Hampshire road sign

Off we go zooming through New Hampshire


Maine road sign

Quickly scooting into Maine


Camping sign in the woods

Ready for some camping in the woods


Father holding son over his shoulder

Baby Boy O gets some daddy cuddles


Baby on table looking at lake

Enjoying the river front view


Sunset over Piscataqua River

Beautiful sunset over Piscataqua River


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