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Feb 03

Eye Spy Upper East Side

by in America, Everyday Journeys

The is nothing more beautiful than a Sunday morning walk. As English Hubby and I strolled from the pristine comfort of The Surrey to our lunch spot on 79th and Lexington, I was stuck by the random hidden gems that were hidden in plain sight.

Bench with a deep curve in the middle

One way to meet in the middle…


We walked the streets armed only with an iPhone.

Red emergency call box on a corner street

Pre cell phone emergency dialing


And now sitting in Candle 79 with my iPad and a very cool Pixlromatic app.

Brass standpipe

Polished to perfection


Rustic framing for the photos.

Ornate oval windo

Window on the world


And Anne or Amber color overlays.

Two nitrogen tanks on the side of the street

Climate control for NYC infrastructure


Beauty is in everything, especially the ordinary. What is it that you see each day?



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