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Mar 02

Springing back

by in America

It’s snowboaring time again and English Hubby and I find oursleves in one of our favorite places in America, the itsy bitsy town of Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Clothes line with colorful clothes

Time stands still in Pagosa Springs


We discovered this hidden gem almost seven years ago on our RV road trip around the States. My two best Aussie friends, S + N we’re road tripping with us at the time, and we took a fateful detour to go white water rafting down the San Juan.

Pagosa hot springs on the banks of the San Juan River

All-in-one spa and San Juan adventure lovin’


N got a little more than she bargained for as she was flung out of our raft into the frigid waters! Nonetheless, we keep coming back for more.

I found us an apartment for our 5 night stay. Our little perfect hideaway with everything we need, even a slow cooker.

Inside our apartment looking at the kitchen

Our little hideaway


I have happy visions of us waking up fresh, meditating in the morning, packing the slow cooker with delicious organic ingredients before we head for the mountains.

Potatoes in a collander

Delicious spuds


Playing all day in the snow and then coming home to the delicious waft of dinner ready and waiting.

Woolly hats on a rack

Keeping toasty and warm


Other than that, the plan is  pretty simple: snowboard, spa, read, eat and sleep.

Big cozy arm chair in the sun

Perfect for curling up and reading for hours


Bed with two big red pillows

Good night…



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