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Jul 03

Weekend at the Lake House Compound

by in Everyday Journeys

Our friends N + C have a lake house near the Delaware River in Pennsylvania, and they foolishly invited us over again for long weekend.

Beautiful lake with boats

A lake with a view


The “compound”, as it is affectionately known, sits in one of the gated communities that line the shores of a cluster of lakes made millions of years ago as glaciers carved their way back toward the Arctic Circle.  It is far enough away from the urban populace that you could easily start a religious cult that worships pre-Cambrian single cell gelatinous blobs, if that was to your liking.

Thank goodness cult like behavior is not really their thing.  Rather, it has been a weekend indulging in other more delightful past times.

Firstly, the Amazon Kindle.  The best invention since those clever Chinese people hammered together the printing press. You know that technology has managed to weld itself inseparably into our lives when out of the five of us here this weekend, four of us have Kindles.  (English Hubby is the odd one out, but in his defense he does have an iPad with the Kindle app). You would be better off waving a red flag in front of a raging bull than dare try to pry a Kindle out of our eager hands.

Four Kindles on a coffee table

Kindle mania


Secondly, this weekend has been an ode to food porn where every meal has been dexterously planned (organic produce, coop shopping and seasonal delights), skillfully prepared and consumed with a furor of uncontrollable passion, followed by a wide grinned guilt that throws caution to the diet winds.

Pie crust dough on a pastry board

A beautiful marriage of flour, butter, shortening, sugar, salt and ice water


Rolling pin on pie crust dough

Rolling with the times


Strawberry and rhubarb filling in the pie

Filling out


Delicious strawberry and rhubarb pie

Delicious strawberry and rhubarb pie…with tasty lattice top


We’ve been thoroughly spoilt by a menu that features that infamous man toy, the BBQ.  There is something primal about flame grilled Jerk chicken, rib eye steak and grilled salmon.

Jerk chicken and vegetable kabobs on a BBQ

Lunch being BBQ’d to perfection


Homemade coleslaw on a table full of food

Mind blowing coleslaw


Chicken bones on an empty plate

Satisfaction guaranteed


Not even a severe thunderstorm could dampen the cooking festivities.

Man BBQing in the rain

Man versus wild – nothing can keep him away the BBQ


Finally, being at the lake house is like stepping into the Tardis where you are transported back to a place in space and time where board games are still played, ice tea is served, lovers go for evening paddles on the lake, strawberry and rhubarb pies are made entirely from scratch and hours on end are dedicated to the sport of napping and reading (on the Kindle of course!).

Cleaning out the paddle boat

English Hubby and C draining the paddle boat


I can’t think of anything better than a weekend of delectable food, fabulous friends and lakeside fun. Wouldn’t you agree, dear reader?


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