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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Daily Pics: Screaming Blue Murder

I always knew this day would come. The day where I have to fight every instinct and bone in my body in order to leave my hysterical little boy at play school. Baby Boy O cried blue murder. It wasn't an “I'm upset where did you go” cry. It was a “you've abandoned me, I'm all alone and so very scared in this strange place” shriek. They type you yourself would bellow out if you woke and found yourself strapped to a bed in a mental asylum.

I left the room, then hid around the corner, heart breaking as his cries grew wilder and out of control. I waited, then left, then came back again to ask Director K to check on him for me. She checked, he cried. I womaned-up and left the building. Then called back an hour later, then an hour after that. Yes, I'm now that pain in the butt over-concerned over-protective parent.

The good news is that Baby Boy O eventually calmed down…four hours later, which apparently isn't unusual, but feels rather cruel. We picked him up and he was unnaturally quiet for the first 45 minutes. Not sure if it was the post traumatic effect or him giving us the silent treatment, perhaps a mix of both? Gathering strength now for round #2 tomorrow. Have mercy.



Journaling like mummy


Snack packs

Preparing for a hungry boy at school


Director K checking in

Director K checking in on him, whilst mummy hides around the corner


Spying on baby boy o

Spy cam shot from the window yonder


Corner cafe

Staying close at the corner cafe



He says ball

Play mat

Playing in between a few sobs


At the playground with daddy

So much happier to be with dad and to see mummy

Brushing teeth

Bed time after a very long day


Caribbean dinner

Best part of the day thanks to Nanny C!


Saturday, 6 June 2015

Daily Pics: Standing His Ground

It is so very interesting to watch a personality emerge from its little shell. This tiny person has likes and dislikes, preferences, favorites, attachments and frustrations. We had a curry lunch and a play date with Little Boy E where strawberries and toys were shared. Little Boy E has the advantage of walking so could move much more independently and ran circles around our cheeky little guy. But at the playground when his territory came under challenge, Baby Boy O stood his ground and issued a stern outstretched hand warning. When encroachment continued he dished out a strong little shove, not once but twice. Not mean, but fearless. My little man stood his ground. His space was his, and within it he was reading his book. English Hubby thinks he was protecting his mummy who was sitting on the other side of the altercation, but I think it was more his favorite Roadwork Construction book.


Red rolling ball

Uncontrollable giggles


Two dads

Daddies meet for a curry

Baby Boy O with rice all over face

Showing Little Boy E how it's done


Two babies with car

Learning how to share...sort of


Two boys with car toys

Enough to go around


Lost monkey

Impostor monkey, as another one bites the dust


Baby boy o eating large plate of pasta

Working up an appetite after the altercation


Baby boy o having eaten his pasta

Needs his carbs to grow big and strong