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May 27

Tuscan Goddess

by in Europe, Everyday Journeys

Here she is.  Let me introduce to the world…Eve.  She arrived May 25, 2011, early evening.  Perfectly formed, all shiny and new.

Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Maker

Eve, the pasta goddess

A delicious reminder of last week – under the Tuscan sun, where we learned to turn glorious eggs, 00 flour and water into golden pasta.

Ah, Eve – she who offers up temptation.

A souvenir that will just keep on giving.  Admittedly, said pasta maker was ordered on online to save having to lug 8lbs of shiny love home on American Airlines.

Speaking of 8lbs, if the snug fit of my skirts are anything to go by, resistance seems to be futile in Italy.  Tuscans are all true blooded foodies and locavores by birth.  Farm fresh isn’t a marketing slogan in that part of the world.  Of course it’s farm fresh.  There’s no need to assume or advertise otherwise! Who wouldn’t fall in love with a region where good food is taken seriously, to the extent that restaurants can be shut down for days, just on the back of a complaint?

Mental note to oneself: before turning out the first batch of carb filled goodness, I must remember to roll slices of bread through Eve to absorb leftover grease and oil from the lovely Italians who put this ingenious contraption together.

Is it strange to feel such adoration for a shiny inanimate object?

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